Panthera X Wheelchairs – The Lightest Wheelchairs In The World

A wheelchair is one of the most extensively-used assistive equipment that can improve the quality of life of people with mobility difficulties. For instance, anyone with a spinal cord injury, people with muscular dystrophy, or paraplegic and quadriplegic patients, etc will need this device to lead a normal life. Many healthcare centers are looking for technologies to store their patient’s data regarding all these problems. Blockchain technology is a good option for efficient data storage. It is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders may read the Bitcoin 360 AI betrug blog to automate their trades. With quality wheelchairs, one can study, engage in activities, and even work like a normal person. Besides convenience, a well-designed wheelchair will ensure that you do not experience health issues like deformity progression, respiratory or digestive problems, and pressure sores.

Panthera has come out with lightweight wheelchairs that are top-of-the-line and incorporating high-end technologies. These are perfect for people who suffer from mobility problems. Because of their ergonomic designs and lightness, they can provide a higher degree of comfort, conveniences, and stability.

  • Panthera X comes with a back rest and chassis made out of carbon fiber. Its characteristic lightness and robustness makes this model one if the world’s lightest wheelchairs. The rigidity that the wheelchair offers makes it easy to lift inside cars and drive in. the new state-of-the-art technologies used in making this wheelchair ensures that fibers are placed in right directions so that the strength is multiplied. Its backrest height and angle can be suitably adjusted according to your needs. You can be sure of getting excellent rear support and comfort from this model
  • Panthera U3: This model is a modern-looking active wheelchair with an ergonomic design and slim front. It is therefore rather convenient for driving and people can actually find a far better sitting posture with it. In terms of maneuverability, this model ranks high.
  • Panthera U3 Light: This wheelchair has been ergonomically-designed for active users that can handle “tippy” wheelchairs. It has been seen that people using wheelchairs for prolonged periods tend to get shoulder pains and neck pains. To solve these issues and lessen the pains, the U3 model was designed. As the names suggests, its lightweight makes it easy to lift the chair but this does not compromise the safety or ergonomic features.
  • Panthera S3 Family: The S3 can be bought in four models, namely, short, standard, short-low, and large. This is an active wheelchair model allowing you to lead an active life. It comes with a sturdy frame in spite of its low weight. There are robust fixed casters and frames that help in maneuverability.  It also offers quality seat upholstery, a perfect sitting angle, and adjustable backrest, so that you enjoy comfortable seating.
  • Panthera S3 Swing Family: This can be bought as a swing short and standard model; it is like the S3 except that it has a divided foot rest. You may use your hands for swinging away the foot rests. It has a practical and discreet locking system that comes in a user-friendly design and integrated into the tube.
  • Panthera Bambino: This model is designed to be an easy-to-use wheelchair for kids having excellent features.
  • Panthera Micro: This had been initially designed for an eighteen-month old boy with muscle issues; it soon became an accepted model for children of that age with mobility problems.